Leader100’s collaboration with the University of Navarra, Spain (Warsaw – Pamplona)

Carlos Beltramo, researcher of the group ‘Education of affectivity and human sexuality’ of the Culture and Society Institute of the University of Navarra, has carried out a research stay in Warsaw between November 2022 and February 2023. He has worked with professors from the Cardinal Wyszynski University (UKSW) and with our educational foundation Leader100 in order to incorporate even more elements of affective literacy in the educational and pedagogical materials that Leader100 prepares for students, their parents, teachers and professors.

Luis Brusa, Carlos Beltramo and Anna Krupowies at the University of Navarra

The main objective of Beltramo’s stay at the UKSW University has been to explore possible collaborations with the Polish center for research on youth well-being and to develop a model for character education.

In addition to his research work, the expert has also offered classes in Philosophical Anthropology at the Pedagogy Faculty of the UKSW. “It has been an opportunity to be an ambassador of the University of Navarra, since there were almost no ties with what is the second largest university in Warsaw,” he said. As Beltramo said, thanks to this stay, agreements have been reached at an educational level, beneficial both for the universities and for schools and foundations in Poland.

On behalf of the Leader100 Educational Foundation, Anna Krupowies and Luis Brusa, the Foundation’s president, conducted a short stay at the Institute for Culture and Society of University of Navarra in March 2023 as part of the challenge “Young people, relationships and psychological well-being”, conducting research on the rationale and application of pedagogical strategies in character development.

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