About us

Leader100 Education Foundation was established in Poland. It is a non-profit foundation that has been supporting educational institutions and families in the development of social skills and good habits since 2011. Leader100 materials created specifically for children and adolescents between the ages of 5 and 19, as well as their teachers and parents, are based on a natural, Aristotelian model of development. You can read more about Leader100 Materials HERE.

The materials are made available to schools, municipalities, youth and sports clubs and other institutions engaged in teaching and educational activities for children and young people. The Foundation offers educational institutions and local government units various models of cooperation, taking into account their individual needs and capabilities.

The Foundation’s portfolio of experience includes projects for municipal, county and provincial governments, and even ministries. It also collaborates with larger organizations and companies to promote competence development in families and local communities.

The foundation is currently developing materials in ongoing collaboration with several hundred educational institutions and research communities in countries such as Poland, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Spain, Lithuania, Mexico and Uruguay.

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