Schools in Świdnik using Leader100 highly ranked

Illustrative photo – PAP/Lech Muszyński

On Friday, May 29, the Regional Examination Commission made public the results of this year’s sixth grade test. The data, is a great reason for us to be proud, as we once again achieved the highest result in the Lublin voivodeship.

Like the Zakrzów municipality, we earned a score of 75 percentage points. Among Świdnik’s institutions, Primary School no. 7 fared best. On the nine-point stanine scale (from standard nine), no. 7 ranked at the ninth stanine, which is in the top 4% of schools nationwide (in percentage points at 81 percent). Elementary School no. 3 ranked in the eighth stanine, Elementary School No. 5 ranked seventh, and Elementary School no. 4 ranked in the sixth stanine.

Ever since we have information on the test results, the municipality of Świdnik has held first place in the Lublin voivodeship, except for last year, when we fell to second place, says Tomasz Szydło, vice mayor for education. We were then overtaken by Lublin, but now we are leading again. On the other hand, if we compare ourselves with the other voivodeships evaluated by the Regional Examination Commission, the best municipality in the Podkarpackie voivodeship – Rzeszów – achieved an identical result. In Małopolska voivodeship, only three municipalities, including Cracow, have a higher score. This confirms the findings of Dr. Maciej Jakubowski, founder of the Evidence Institute, a body that researches, among other things, the school practices and educational policies of municipalities in our country, as stated earlier. Among the country’s 2,470 municipalities, there are 122 similar to Świdnik, and in this group our city offers the highest level of education.

Polish language subject performed particularly well during this year’s exams (score of 80 percentage points). Students also had no problems with English (85 pp). Mathematics fared a little worse (score of 70 pp).

We are pleased with this success. I sincerely congratulate the students, teachers, parents and school directors. They have accomplished an impressive feat,” adds T. Szydło.

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