Leader100 Materials for the development of soft skills for children and adolescents from 5 to 19 years old

What are Leader100 soft skills development materials?

They are an excellent complement to reinforce the educational program of each school and college. Its design and methodologies take advantage of the diverse interests, qualities and talents of each student for the training task, as well as their desire for autonomy while interacting with a group. Above that they enable to systematically benefit from the training potential of parents while helping them improve and develop this potential even more. That is why we say that Leader100 reinforces, as it integrates parents and students to the teaching and training work of schools.
They are an aid for personal growth and development and for affective literacy. They lead to knowing yourself better, to being a better person, to getting along better with others. Additionally, its individual approach helps develop the potential of each student and their parents. Leader100 materials invite you to develop skills and acquire useful habits in each person’s life and in society.

Why does the development of soft skills lead to personal growth and freedom ?

At Leader100, soft skills development is a means, not an end. What matters is to what extent the acquisition of soft skills serves the personal growth of a student, his parents and teachers. Thus, each person finds himself and leads a free life as he/she should with a benevolent and open attitude toward others. He/she can clearly see that evil always poisons and does not elevate a man, debases and humiliates a person; It does not make a person bigger or richer, but rather damages and diminishes him/her. Such an aware person is not willing to lose his/her freedom due to addictions to screens, video games, pornography, alcohol, drugs, etc. Ultimately, this personal growth leads one to find true freedom, i.e. the great and creative immensity of freedom to do good.

Why is it necessary to have materials of this kind?

Because families, society and the state expect that, along with academic teaching, schools and colleges:

  • strengthen their students in the world of values, from which the following stand out: willingness to improve, solidarity, altruism, patriotism, hardworking, honesty, sincerity;
  • help their students discover, value and want to create their own behavioral models that lead them to build and develop precious social relationships in the fields of study, family and work;
  • also promote the development of other skills such as creativity, team work, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit;
  • awaken in their students curiosity to learn and motivate them positively to study;
  • form in students attitudes that promote their individual and social development: credibility, justice, responsibility, perseverance, self-esteem, respect, good manners, willingness to participate in culture and social affairs, initiative, etc.

Why does Leader100 make these materials?

The non-profit educational foundation Leader100 produces these materials, because it wants to help educational institutions in carrying out their academic and training tasks. The materials cover all the values, virtues and competencies mentioned above and also others required in the world of work and interpersonal relationships. To simplify the organization of these materials, at Leader100 we preferably use the words soft skills and in them we encompass concepts of values, virtues and of course skills.

How can Leader100 Materials be briefly described?

  • Grouped into 25 carefully selected socio-emotional soft skills, Leader100 Materials contribute to acquiring many good habits, related to each soft skill and are adapted to the age and stage of students development (in total there are 156 habits).
  • Materials can be accessed online and are ready to be used in a class and at home by students, their parents and teachers. For each habit the materials contain: self-assessment questions, suggestions for challenges and motivations for an individual action plan, progress panel, cases or propositions for group activities, suggestions for activity scenarios, questions and suggestions for parents, for teachers, recommendations for texts and films, tips for coach interviews with students or parents, materials for decorating classrooms, good practices for directors, teachers and parents.
  • The suggested methodologies allows students themselves, from a certain age, to lead a lesson or certain activities for their classmates. This is something that involves them even more, giving much satisfaction and valuable feedback from their peers.

For which soft skills (competencies) are Leader100 Materials prepared?

  • The selected skills and habits respond to the expectations of families and societies, demands of educational systems and challenges of today. They constitute an adequate foundation that also prepares the student to enter his/her adulthood. In Leader100 we develop 25 soft skills:
  • STUDYING, READING, INDUSTRIOUSNESS (permanent soft skill developed monthly)
  • For each soft skill, a different habit is proposed to be acquired at different age. In this way, the skill grows and develops with the age of a student who acquires habits according to his/her age.
  • For example six habits of the ORDER skill are:
    • I put things back in place (suggested age: 5-7 years)
    • I take care of school supplies and the place of study (8-9 years)
    • I keep things tidy around me (10-11 years)
    • I have a daily plan and I follow it (12-13 years old)
    • I can schedule things in time (14-15 years old)
    • I set priorities distinguishing between important and urgent things (16-18 years old)
  • For each of the 25 soft skills and for each of the 156 habits specific materials have been prepared for students, their parents and teachers.
  • These materials and scenarios facilitate teachers to have a weekly class or activity, starting from the beginning of primary to the end of high school education.
  • For months of vacations there are additional materials so that students, with the support of their parents, can continue their development and personal growth, often being far from home.

What are the benefits of having Leader100 Materials?

They allow the educational task of schools to be carried out at the highest level, which is fundamental and something highly valued by parents when choosing a school for their children.

  • They provide unity, support, guide and enhance the educational and upbringing work carried out by teachers, parents and students environment.
  • Online access to available materials and scenarios saves teachers a lot of time and work in programming, preparing and carrying out their daily duties.
  • At the same time the IT platform organizes and structures the transmission of useful content. Having systems in education additionally allows a teacher or coach to know which student is below level and enables a due reaction on time.
  • It provides a great inspiration to continue improving what each teacher does in terms of education and training taking into account circumstances that surround them. Also the Leader100 Foundation, regularly collects experiences and feedback from users of Leader100 Materials, thus continuously improving and updating them.
  • The benefits of Leader100 reach not only students, but also their families, schools and their neighbor communities.

Why is Leader100 effective?

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. (Aristotle)

  • On the one hand, Leader100 Materials, suggestions and methodologies help students go through their natural stages of personal development with initiative and in a friendly way: diagnosis or self-assessment, establishing an action plan and carrying out this plan day by day.
  • On the other hand, Leader100 helps go through these stages without neglecting factors that are key in achieving the objectives within the established period: specific challenges, high motivations, appropriate use of affectivity, daily monitoring, motivating environments and appropriate use of coaching and peer coaching.
  • And most importantly, Leader100 actively involves parents of a student, taking advantage of and developing their educational and upbringing potential.

In this way, the results in grades, behavior, sociability and personal growth are not long in coming. Even more, when the reigning skill is Studying, Reading, Industriousness.

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