Leader100 materials available from the Ministry of Education and Science to students, teachers and parents nationwide!

From May 7 this year, on the website of the ORE (Center for Education Development), a facility run by the Minister of Education and Science, you can find Leader100 materials (e-books) for personal development designed for students from the first grade of elementary school up to the final grade of high school/technical school.


Depending on the age, the materials are designed for teachers and parents to work with students (grades 1 – 4 of elementary school) or more independently for students (from grade 5 of elementary school until the end of high school/technical school) with the backing of parents and teachers.

The development of skills through the strengthening of a specific habit is carried out using proven Leader100 materials, according to the Aristotelian and natural three-step scheme of personal development, i.e. self-assessment, setting a training plan, implementing the plan. Both at home and at school, young people are eager to redo the DFC (discussion film club) exercises. Parents, teachers, older children and adolescents can be additionally inspired by available texts from the Aristotle Library.

Detailed instructions for using the materials are included in each e-book. Leader100 e-books with materials for personal development (competence RESPONSIBILITY) can be downloaded directly from a specially prepared website.

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