Interview with director of the Leader100 Foundation

Adam Domaradzki, Director of the Leader100 Foundation

The Leader100 Foundation has been operating in Poland for more than 12 years and is constantly developing. Leader100 teaching materials are being used by more and more students in primary and secondary schools, and more children are refining social competencies that are very important in their upbringing. We already know that cooperation with the Leader100 Foundation brings positive results in the form of higher grades, better behavior, and greater involvement of children in their studies and relationships with their peers. To give you an even better idea of what we do, we decided to ask Mr. Adam Domaradzki – director of the Foundation – a few questions!

What do Leader100 materials for schools contain ?

Leader100 materials contain content whose application in an active way helps children and young people develop social skills such as friendship, communication and courage. In total, we provide schools and parents with Leader100 materials on 25 social competencies for all age levels, from 6-year-olds to the high school graduating class. For each month, there is one leading competency and its associated habits, age-appropriate. Working with Leader100 materials complements the school’s educational program. Developing certain social attitudes is the task of teachers and educators, we give them a tool to implement it systematically, with significant support from parents. The polishing of competencies takes place through the consolidation of a specific habit according to the proven Aristotelian 3-step scheme of personal development (self-assessment, setting a training plan, implementing the plan).

Our materials are designed to support schools and families, but it is up to the teacher to decide how to use them. The content is provided in an accessible format, and students can track their progress, which further motivates them to grow!

Throughout the process, teacher support plays an important role, especially the monthly short coaching conversations with students. They help discover new capabilities and skills. After all, young people often need good encouragement and help from someone more experienced to show them the right path and guide them toward good values. In addition, the materials include tips for quarterly coaching conversations with parents.

How can a school start using Leader100 Materials ?

It’s very simple. All you have to do is contact us, send us an email or make a call. Then we will schedule a meeting where we explain everything. It can also be an online conversation. We then visit the institution in question to train the teaching staff on how to use Leader100 materials effectively. Our team guides the management through the entire procedure, so there is no need to worry about complicated implementation or additional “paperwork.”

What does such a visit to a school look like?

We start by talking to a principal’s representative, as he or she decides whether the school will use our materials. He/she often consults upon his/her decision with the parent council, which we encourage. He or she can decide to use Leader100 Materials immediately or, for example, after a month-long pilot. We then sign a license agreement and carry out the implementation. This includes training of teachers and classroom educators. After the presentation, we provide logins to our online platform. Through them, students, teachers, management and parents have access to the documents. The platform is just a repository of documents to enable proper usage of our materials.

In addition to Leader100, there is also Leader100 SPORT. Can you explain what it is?

Leader100 SPORT is a four-year project financed by the Local Government of Lodz Province. It is aimed at children aged 5-9 who attend schools and kindergartens in the province. A key role in this project is played by preschool and early childhood education teachers, whom we cover with training and provide with teaching materials. The 200 educational institutions that have joined Leader100 SPORT receive sports equipment so that children can spend time playing team games and educational games.

Leader100 SPORT also stands for the principle of “Through sport to competence.” With the help of team games, physical activity and exercise, we develop in the youngest children the soft skills necessary for adult life. Importantly, at this age it’s not about competition, winning outstanding sports results, but about spending time together actively, establishing relationships and children supporting each other. Of course, nothing would be successful without the support of the family, so appropriate teaching aids are also prepared for parents.

What challenges does the Leader100 Foundation currently face? What are the plans for the future?

We are currently focusing on best implementation of current projects, some of which I have mentioned, as well as international development. As you can read on our website, Leader100 materials have also been used abroad since 2013, including Spain and Latin America. We also plan to develop other language versions in cooperation with foreign partners.

Another important area is Leader100 e-books on personal development, available through Leader100 online, our online store. This is an excellent option for parents of children whose schools do not use Leader100. Parents can purchase a selection of age-appropriate e-books for their kids on a particular competency that needs development. We will soon have more than 60 e-books in our offer!

The e-books are the result of our team’s work and a way to achieve our mission with the participation of project partners such as KGHM Group, PZU Foundation, Uskrzydlamy Foundation and others. This is because the first color e-books were created during remote and hybrid learning, when the whole process of educating children and young people was hampered due to restrictions. Through the e-books, we wanted to support parents and teachers by providing them with valuable, practical knowledge and tips for working with young people. This is a unique project, and you can only get our e-books in the Leader100 e-store. Their value has also been recognized by the Ministry of Education – thanks to its recommendation and the support of our partners, as many as 6 e-books can be obtained for free (in Polish version only). Therefore, I am sure that parents who stock up on e-books will get really valuable content that will help them develop their kids and give them a good start in adult life.

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