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How do teachers, parents and students access Leader100 Materials?

The Leader100 Materials are available on a multilingual computer platform that is accessed through the Internet page / .es / . eu with a key and password that can be requested by writing to the e-mail address

When and how to use Leader100 materials?

  • The materials are designed so that their use can be started at any time during a school year in levels, grades or classes where a teacher in charge shows interest in taking advantage of them.
  • Students, with the support of their parents and teachers, develop and grow in a given skill each month. They do this by applying themselves to daily challenges they have set for themselves (following their self-assessment). For each of these three stages (self-assessment, setting the action plan, carrying out the action plan) Leader100 provides specific materials. The same is valid for group work. Through chosen motivation it helps a student understand that this will lead him/her to acquire a habit appropriate to his/her age within the skill of the month.
  • At the same time, especially with the support of their parents and peers (pair coaching), students steadily develop the skill Study, Reading, and Industriousness throughout the school year.
  • Teachers, parents and students have access to the Leader100 Materials they need. The materials are intuitive and easy to use. Additional instructions and explanations are available on the platform.

Who prepares Leader100 Materials?

The methodological basis and the first Leader100 Materials were developed by professors and alumni of IESE Business School in Barcelona and IAE in Argentina. Working with many other people, mainly from the educational field, who brought their experience and knowledge to bear on the subject of developing management and leadership skills. Today, Leader100 Materials are prepared, developed, updated, perfected and translated by dozens of educators from various countries under the supervision of the Leader100 educational foundation. At the same time, the foundation is “daily supervised” by the hundreds of thousands of good people (parents, teachers, principals and students) who use Leader100 Materials and hope to continue receiving quality help that will continue to lead them to improvement, development and personal growth.

Who uses Leader100 Materials?

The Leader100 Materials began to be used in 2011 by schools in Poland. Then, with the necessary translations and adaptations, they have spread to other countries such as Lithuania, Spain, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia. They are currently used by hundreds of schools and colleges. Youth clubs and other educational institutions also use these materials. Tens of thousands of people benefit from its content: students, parents, teachers and, indirectly, their families and local communities.

How is the Leader100 educational foundation maintained?

The Leader100 educational foundation is a non-profit organization, although it does have costs that it must cover. Each school, college or educational institution, according to its possibilities, collaborates to cover the costs of keeping Leader100 Materials accessible, updated and translated. The suggested annual collaboration fee is around a cost of one Big Mac in a country per student per year. Schools from vulnerable backgrounds receive the support they need from the Leader100 scholarship fund, which is financed by sponsors and by schools that are able to make larger contributions.

What else could be added to what was said about Leader100 Materials?

  • The interactive scenarios in the Leader100 Materials motivate students to work, taking advantage of their initiative, creativity and desire to do interesting things with the group.
  • The materials related to each soft skill and habit include suggestions that allow to involve in the educational and formative task all teachers and professors who teach in the school together with the non-teaching staff. There are also specific materials for some subjects, such as physical education, where sports can also be used as a means to reach certain skills.
  • The most important thing is that the materials and methodology proposed involve parents, who have the greatest influence on the development and personal growth of their children. With Leader100, parents, in addition to receiving materials and specific suggestions for them, receive an impulse – almost always through their children – that helps them make better use of and further develop their educational and upbringing potential.
  • At Leader100 we have worked hard on everything related to the positive involvement of parents and we continually strive to improve these issues. We see it as something fundamental, because – as was pointed out above – parents are by far the ones who have the most positive or sometimes negative influence on their children. Experiences from different countries show that, almost without exceptions, the schools that have the best academic results, the best school atmosphere and proud alumni are the ones that dedicate huge effort, means and time to the parents relationships of their currents and future students, supporting them in their task as spouses, parents and educators.
  • Many schools and colleges already use Leader100 Materials year after year and the results are clear to see: higher grades, better behavior at school and at home, more support and collaboration among students, improved school-family cooperation, reduced effort for teachers to give training classes, tutoring, etc. Teachers in charge of the course comment that in the first year of using Leader100 Materials, average grades improve as does a class environment. In the following year, a new jump is observed in grade average and this is due to practically zero students with study problems. They explain this by active, more generous support and assistance they now receive from their colleagues.
  • Another advantage for a school (and for families with several children), is that with Leader100 it is always clear which goal to focus on each month. This is because the practiced skill is the same for everyone, even if the habits and challenges related to this skill are age- or student-specific. So teachers, regardless of what grade they teach, know what specific skill students are trying to develop and can also refer to it regardless of the subject they are teaching.
    Of course, the use of Leader100 Materials does not hinder the realization of preventive-educational programs already implemented in schools, quite the contrary: it complements them.

What to do if you are interested in Leader100 Materials?

  • If you wish to receive more information, contact Leader100 by email ( ) and we will promptly answer your questions or send the necessary additional information.
  • If you tell us that you want to start using the Leader100 Materials, we will send you temporary keys and passwords that will give you access to the materials.
  • At the same time we will set a date for a meeting (at school or online) with a Leader100 representative. The purpose of the meeting is to present the details of the Platform and the use of Leader100 Materials, as well as to set the conditions of use: pilot or regular use, in all or only some classes, % of costs to be covered by the scholarship fund, etc.
  • With the above data, a simple license agreement is completed and signed and the definitive keys and passwords for teachers, parents and students of the school are delivered. At the same time, the day on which the teacher training could be carried out is agreed upon, according to what is specified by the school’s management.
  • On the settled day, the teacher training that has been agreed upon with the school management is done (at school or online). In addition, if the school wishes, a pilot or demonstration lesson is held with students so that school teachers can see how naturally and with initiative the students work with the Leader100 Materials. If possible, a presentation of the materials and the Leader100 platform is given to the students’ parents.
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