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We are starting another month, and with it we are working on a new social competence.

This time it is the competence of RESPONSIBILITY, one of the key qualities, relating to our actions, decisions and their results. Responsibility encompasses a number of aspects, such as commitment to action, reliability, acceptance of consequences, decisiveness, self-reliance, understanding of goals or readiness to learn. This competence supports the development of future careers and is a key element in building trust in the workplace.Materiały Leader100 dostępne dla szkół podstawowych i ponadpodstawowych korzystających z Leader100 są dostosowane do wieku i poziomu uczniów i dotyczą konkretnych nawyków. W tym miesiącu nawykami, które chcemy rozwijać są:

  • Child Leader level (from kindergarten to grade 2) – “I pay attention to what I do.”
  • Young Leader level (from grade 3 to 4) – “I reckon with the consequences of what I do.”
  • Pre Leader level (from grade 5 to 6) – “I know and fulfill my responsibilities.”
  • Junior Leader level (from grade 7 to 8) – “I carry out the tasks assigned to me and notify of their completion.”
  • Senior Leader level (from grade 9 to 12 – high school) – “I responsibly take care of the group of people entrusted to me.”
  • College Leader level (from grade 13 to 14 – high school) – “If necessary, I take responsibility for the distribution and coordination of tasks to achieve the desired goal.

RESPONSIBILITY includes the ability to make prompt and effective decisions. A responsible person does not shy away from making difficult choices and does not escape the consequences, even when they are inconvenient or wrong. He or she performs his or her tasks with due diligence, and can therefore be relied upon. In addition, he/she understands the goals behind a project and is focused on achieving them. Moreover, he/she is a valuable member of the team, as his/her actions contribute to the effectiveness and success of the project.

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